Top Three Gifts for Music Lovers

Top Three Gifts for Music Lovers

For some of us, music isn’t just entertainment — it’s a way of life. Show the music lover in your life that you care with some of these great gifts:

Hoodie Buddie Zip Jacket Sweatshirt Earbuds Black
($26.99) It’s easy to listen to music on the go with this comfy hoodie from Hoodie Buddie. This sweatshirt features drawstrings that double as headphones, and a 3.5mm stereo jack that works with most MP3 players and smartphones. Doused with beer at the show last night? No problem! Just toss it in the washing machine and you’re good to go.

TASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder
($98.99) This portable digital recorder from TASCAM is a good entry-level personal recorder. Whether you want to record band practice or bootleg a hot concert (don’t worry, we won’t tell!), this little gadget has you covered. Records in WAV and MP3 file formats and comes with a 2 GB microSD card.

Electrohome Signature Retro Hi-Fi Stereo System with Record Player, CD, MP3, AM/FM, Vinyl-to-MP3 – EANOS700
($199.99) Never before has so many music formats existed at one time. Why use separate players when one machine can play them all? Not only does this little stereo play records, CDs, MP3s, and radio, but it also converts vinyl to MP3 for those moments when a turntable just isn’t convenient. Handcrafted walnut finish gives this stereo a stylish retro look that matches any decor.


10 2013

Five Gifts for Guitarists Under $5

Five Gifts for Guitarists Under Five Dollars

Do you want to get the guitarist in your life something special without breaking the bank? Here are five gift ideas that cost less than a value meal.

Clayton Picks Grease Cloth for Stringed Instruments

($3.98) This cloth acts like a magnet, trapping dust and lint from within guitar strings without the use of cleaning solution. Perfect for someone who enjoys caring for his/her instrument.

Jim Dunlop 114SI Dun Roadpro Gtr Strg Winder

($4.59) This string winder makes restringing a guitar a breeze! The rugged steel axle means this little gadget will last for years to come. A must-have for any gig bag.

Planet Waves Beatles Signature Guitar Pick Tins, Logo, 15 picks

($4.84) Perfect for any Beatles fan! This set of 15 guitar picks contains album art spanning the entire Fab Four discography and is housed in a logo-embossed collectible tin.

Perri’s Leather Guitar Pick Key Chain

($3.49) Great for impromptu jam sessions or just letting the world at large know that a guitarist is in their midst. Sturdy leather construction prevents pick from warping while on the go.

Fretfunk Guitar Strap Pick Holder – Classic Edition

 ($4.99) Nothing is worse than dropping a pick during the middle of a gig. This pick holder snaps onto an existing guitar strap and ensures that there’s always a pick close at hand.


10 2013